Thursday, October 23, 2008

Thursday October 13, 2008

The 500

Brenda 25:34 (20)
Phil 27:13
Nick 27:39


Barbell Thruster (75)
Squat Cleans (115)
Ring Push ups

Phil 21:40
Ben 21:18
Luke 32:28 (65/75)
Lance 17:40 (105)
Eugene 21:22 (95)
Bob 23:57 (95)


Micah said...

As Rx'd. 17:07 on 10-26.

Holy crud! That was absolutely miserable. It took me a much longer time than normal to recover from this one. I was quite light-headed when finished. In fact, it has been over two hours since I completed this one and I'm still feeling tired. I feel as though I just did an epic workout because I just want to lay down and rest. My quads seem extra sore after this too. It was brutal! This workout definitely ranks among some of the worst/hardest.

Nice one! I loved it (but don't want to do it again any time soon:)

Micah said...

I should've noted that I did "Franlizabeth."

John said...

Franlizabeth 18:52 Thrusters were 115lbs, Squat Cleans 135lbs. Dips instead of ring pushups.