Wednesday, October 22, 2008

How to mount stuff to trusses

Here's my climbing net, ropes and rings set up. Ben, if you're out there reading this someplace, you've got your rings to play with. The net is a real chore to climb as it moves all over the place and getting up onto it is much more difficult now that it is so high up off the ground. It's out of the way this way and doesn't clutter the floor when it's not being used.

For the net I knotted the ends of some webbing, threaded it through the angle iron pieces and then looped it over some 2" steel plumbing pipe. Then I let the pipe nestle on top of the truss wedging the webbing in place so it doesn't move.

For the rings I used 2 12 foot lengths of steel towing cable for each pair of rings. I put one of the loops through the space between the angle iron pieces and put a bolt through the eyelet. Surrounding the eyelet is a pair of large square washers that surround the edge of the angle iron. I tightened the assembly down and viola, bullet proof mount.

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