Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Monday October 6, 2008

Day one of class and a 70+ mile drive to get there. We were out in the middle of nowhere as soon as we hit the freeway so we were 70 miles from nowhere when we arrived. Good class so far. Some of the team went to run, some others went to the Ultimate Fitness gym but Tom and I chose to go to a playground with my rings and jumprope. I found a 40 lb rock and we did this:

50 rope jumps
40 walking lunges
30 situps
20 box jumps
10 ring dips
5 squat clean thruster rock slams
3 rounds for time

We ran 50 yards between each exercise and the 4,500 foot altitude made it a wind sucker right away. Tom finished in 18:15 and I was done in 18:50.

The bugs and critters here area amazing. Their grasshoppers, which look much more like locusts to me, have bodies as thick as your finger. One of the cars stopped on the way home from the training center stopped and picked up a trantula. He put it in a coffee cup and brought it back to the hotel. They have scorpions and all sorts of other don't-want-them-in-your-sleeping-bag creatures.

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