Thursday, November 23, 2006

Thursday November 23, 2006 (Thanksgiving)

The Bear

We did 3 reps of the Squat Clean and Press, then 3 more of that and the Back Squat and Push Press then 3 more of Front Squat and Thruster. Then we did 5 reps of the whole thing.

Next was a barbell Colleen and Jerk which is a squat clean and then three push presses followed up with 3 box jumps repeating for 8 times through. A killer for me. Used the new 24" box and that made it very tough. Working on a name for this: Maybe Jump Colleen with a Barbell or Jumping Colleen with a Barbell or perhaps Colleen gets jumped with a Barbell. Something like that.

Did the GHD Wall Ball again. Stuart and I did 10 reps with the 12 then 10 more with the one handed 10 lb ball, then 10 with the 6 and finally 10 more one handed with the 5. Dayna tore it up without stopping but Jennifer and her son Alex suffered with the lighter balls. This one takes some work.

Feet under the big tire for 15 reps of weighted sit ups with medicine balls.

100 Jumping Pullups
Eugene 1:55
Stuart 2:05
Alex 2:16
Dayna 2:45
Jennifer 3:15

EZ bike on the CT for 8 miles. Wanted more but the Thanksgiving day family thing put an end to my ride.

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