Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Wednesday November 22, 2006

Stuart, Marci and me
Row 500 to warm up, Stuart pulled a 1:38

The Bear:

Squat Clean
Stand and Military Press
Lower behind neck for Back Squat
Stand and Push Press
Lower to Front for Front Squat
Stand and Thruster

Worked each element for a few reps then did 3 stopped for a bit, then 5. Very difficult combination of movements.

Next to the GHD for some GHD Wall Ball. Stuart and I did the 12 for 10 reps then a 10 lb mini ball for one handed throws for 10 reps total. Marci did a 6 lb ball and then 5 lb one hand throws. For the second set we did 12 lbs for 10, 10 lbs one handed for 10 total, a 6 lb ball with both hands for 10 then the 5 lb ball for 10 more. Marci repeated the first set.

Lastly we did 15 reps of dumbbell elevated situps keeping them 90 degrees to the ground throughout the sit up.

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