Friday, July 25, 2008

Friday July 25, 2008

Went on a 25 mile ride from Teri's house in Santa Rosa to Healdburg and the Armida winery. Got a present for Erin (don't nobody tell her nuttin) from the winery which has a skull and crossbones as their logo and Poizin as their Zinfindel name. I need to go back tomorrow and get a bottle or two of the wine because I like the bottle so much. Black bottle, red skull and crossbones with Poizin underneath.

Here's is Cowboy Ribeye that fed 4 of us. Huuuuge piece of meat. Cooked it in the Trager at Teri's house along with corn, a Ceasar's salad, grilled eggplant, shrimp on the barbie with an Asian marinade...incredible meal.

Back home was a strength day and Lance and Gia did Linda:

Lance 165 Bench, 135 Clean and 210 Deadlift.
Gia worked up to 65, 75 and 95 which is spectacular for her. This is the rocket scientist we're talking about here and she is getting much stronger. Way to go Gia.

Erin was on a different program today and did:


KB Snatch (18)
Ball slams (30)
Wall Ball (12)
SDLHP (50)

Erin 17:00

Get a load of that ball slam weight. I'm surprised she did that much. Erin is about oh I don't know, 5' 7" maybe 6 and she weighs about as much as Sammie. Maybe a little more. OK, a hunnert. Not skinny in a POW camp way, not runway model, bones sticking out gross, but very slender. The kind of slender that pisses other women off. That kind. Anyway, strength training is a new thing for her and she is having to learn how to be strong. She started with a 35 lb back squat and is up to 85 lbs. I wish I could more than double a lift in a week. I'm loving my vacation, I'm having a great time down here...but I miss my peoples.

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