Friday, July 25, 2008

Wednesday July 23, 2008

The 400

(Format- Time/Wall Ball/Swing/Snatch/Push Press)

Ben 22:35 rx'd/rx'd/rx'd/rx'd
Toni 27:16 rx'd/44/35/rx'd
Gia 34:30 12/26/18/45
Erin 32:02 12/18/18/30
Stuart 25:50 rx'd/rx'd/rx'd/rx'd
Lance 27:24 rx'd/rx'd/rx'd/rx'd
Jennifer 28:54 12/26/26/45
Dayna 23:38 rx'd/rx'd/36/rx'd
Alyse 29:10 12/26/26/60

I left for California last night at 2035 after Erin and I went to Thai Wok for dinner. She had Pad Thai and I had Chicken Rama. She got 2 starts and was breathing fire. I drove all night with a couple 20 minute naps when I found that I was about to drive off into the median. Showed up in Santa Rosa around noon and Brenda arrived around 2:30 or so. We got settled in and went off for a 10 mile mountain bike ride in Annadel State Park which Teri has as her back yard. Perfect weather, beautiful house and we have a pool at our disposal.

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