Friday, July 25, 2008

Thursday July 23, 2008

The 400

Grant 23:36 rx'd/rx'd/rx'd/rx'd


Stuart 5:53/4:37 rx'd
Lance 6:21/4:43 rx'd
Candice-Untimed 8lb thruster/18 lb swings

I brought a couple bars and bumpers, jump ropes, a 25 lb slam ball, some dumbbells and a few other things but Toni got on me as I packed the Suburban. "Hey, what are we going to use?" I did some technique work first with Brenda showing her the Bear and then the push jerk. That done we did 5 reps of the Bear she used 50 lbs and I used 75. Then we did balls slams, ab mat situps, swings and stair run for 21-15-9 though we did 5 sets of the stairs each time. Then we got our swim suits on and did wet thrusters. Now before you get any ideas that amounted to thrusters and then 4 laps in the pool which totaled about 40 yards each swim for reps of 10, 9, 8 and so on down to 1.

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