Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Tuesday July 15, 2008

Squat Clean/Push Jerk
10 sets of 3 reps of increasing weight
Followed each time by:
Bench Press 6 reps increasing weight as long as possible
Pilates Ball with barbell
Pilates Ball with dumbbells, unevenly weighted
Thus 3 squat cleans/push jerk then 6 reps of the flat bench. Three more squat cleans and push jerk and 6 reps of the incline bench and so forth

Toni, Lance, Stuart, Grant, Eugene, Erin, Steven, Thatcher, Brandon, Alex, Morgan. Stuart got up to 185 in the clean and push jerk...he is getting so strong. Morgan and Grant got some good weight up...around 165 I think, Lance and I managed 145 and were happy to get that up. Alex was right there with us too. Toni got 110 up but was not happy with her lifting today. We were all really smoked and we have an Epic tomorrow. Dementia.

Double Play

Row 500
40 Air Squats
30 Situps
20 Pushups
10 Pullups
2 Rounds for Time

Alyse 14:41
Jennifer 14:50


Jeff Ammons said...

I did Blurred Vision on Tuesday. I had to modify a few things: I only had one barbell so did both the Hang Power Snatch and Push Press at 75lbs., I balanced my feet on a pilates ball for the ring pushups because I didn't have rings, and I did 5 extra wallballs each round because I only had a 10lb. ball.

My time was 18:25.

John said...

BW 204 Squat Clean & Push Press, maxed one set at 185lbs, but failed on trying a second set. This was a PR,so happy with getting one set up. Bench weight varied, maxed at BW. Attempted Blurred Vision, but ran out of time and pretty much energy.

Yesterday's workout which smoked my legs for today:
50 Box Jumps/50 44lbs KB Swings/50 Walking Lunges/ 50 95lbs Push Press/ 50 16lbs Wall Ball/ 50 Burpees/ 50 Double Unders/ 50 Situps/ 800m Run 25:38