Monday, July 07, 2008

Monday July 7, 2008

Fractured Runny Angie

Run 400
25 Pullups
25 Pushups
25 Situps
25 Air Squats
4 Rounds for Time

Morgan 19:51
Grant 20:31
Alex 20:51
Eugene 24:17
Lance 25:45
Lisa 26:06
Toni 26:34
Thatcher 27:52
Stuart 31:35
Brandon 32:27
Erin 33:55
Steven 34:05

Big group today with new guy Morgan and wife Lisa showing up for this as their first workout here and Morgan ate our lunch. He is a major stud and smoked even the resident superstud Grant. Lisa did a great job too tending to her infant along the way even carrying her on one of the runs. Alex came into his own and smoked me once again. He is only 14 and will soon dominate the whole gym I fear. Ben and Gia are out flying around the world someplace. How many gyms have a rocket scientist/pilot who is 23 years old and an Air Force Academy graduate? That's Gia.


Erik Davis said...

Still working on getting equipment here, but I was able to do Broken Runny Angie (although our pull-up bar is more of a trapeze). Nothing exemplary at 25:31.


Anonymous said...

Gene, you are so funny!

John said...

23:40, compared to 5/29 26:25

John said...

Oh ya, last set of pullups, with 9 more to go had a skin tear which made those last 9 painful as heck! Gloves may be in my future.