Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Monday December 15, 2008


7 Barbell Thrusters (75)
7 Pullups
7 Burpees
5 Rounds for Time

SPUDs (Swinging PushUps and Dips)

Rings about hip high and boxes fore and aft. Start in a pushup position and do a pushup. At the top of the pushup swing your feet through to the box in front and do a dip. Swing your feet back and that's one rep. Do 10.

Grant made us all look like we were standing still...again, but Phil and Brandon tore up Blackjack too. They were slower on SPUDs though and Grant was untouchable there. Brenda hammered on the CT and did back squats and Erin did Air Assault in a bit under 30 minutes. She's 5 months preggers and is working out for two. Keeping her away from box jumps, squats with any significant weight, deadlifts and other things that make her squeeze, grunt or otherwise create too much pressure.

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John said...

Black Jack aka "Whoop Ass" this morn
6:24 Thrusters with 95lbs. Was a tough one to start,keeping going,and finish.