Sunday, December 07, 2008

Sunday December 7, 2008

Mae West

Two big tires with about a foot between them. At one end is a 115 lb bar for power cleans. Moving clockwise from there put a pair of 35 lb dumbbells for Colleen and Jerk, then where the tires separate put a 35 lb slam ball for rage ball, then a 52 lb KB for snatches, 190 on a trap bar for DL, a pair of 44 lb KB's for C & J, a 25 lb ball in the other separation for rage ball again and finally a pair of 35s for thrusters. For the DL and clean do one rep and jump then another rep and jump, for the balls do just one rage ball and snatch twice each hand and jump. For the others do 3 reps and jump. Go around 3 times...everyone was done in from 5:30 to 6:00.

After about a 10 minute rest


Thrusters (35)
Ring Dips
Swings (52)

Phil 5:32
Stuart 5:42
Will 6:07
Stephen 7:47
Nate 8:28
Alex 11:29
Paul 12:34
Ren 14:12

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John said...

7:15 with some mod
40lbs DB Thrusters
45lbs Dips(no rings)
55lbs DB Swings
Slower than last time, but heavier weights. Dips upped 20lbs.