Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Tuesday December 2, 2008

The strength workout today was 3 box squats with 40 lbs of chain on a 155 lb barbell, 3 clean and jerks with a 115 lb log, a walk around the gym with 240 lbs on the hex bar, 3 cleans with a 115 lb bumper stone, 3 swing flips with an 88 lb KB, 3 180 lb DL standing on the two tires and 3 cleans with an 80 pound bag for 3 rounds.

Brenda, Emily, Erin and Dano did Spinal Tap but I didn't get their times. I'll put that in tomorrow.

This is a chalkboard made from 2 one-pint cans of chalkboard paint from Home Depot right on the drywall. With one coat the chalk went on OK but it didn't erase very well. The second made it a lot more chalkboard like but it is still not as user friendly as a dry-erase board. So I made it my CrossFit 101 board and when I give the welcome to CrossFit speech I have much of the important basic information in a One Power Point slide presentation.

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