Saturday, December 06, 2008

Saturday December 6, 2008

To Franklin Pierce HS across the street from the gym with Jed, Phil and a FAC from McChord named James who just got back from Afghanistan yesterday. Now that's a CrossFitter. There are about 25 steps on the bleachers and we ran up and down 10 times to start.

Snatch 10 Right 10 hops up the bleachers run out to the top
Snatch 10 Left "
C & J 10 Right "
C & J 10 Left "
Burpees 10 "

Then we went down to the track and put the 36 pounders about 40 yards apart and a pair of us were at each bell. We ran back and forth snatching and swinging the bell and doing sit ups and pushup in between.

The new guy James just never gets tired.

Back to the gym for some push press ladders with a pair of kettlebells, and James is still not tired. He wanted a MU workout so I had him do 75 lb OHS for 12-8-6 and MU for 6-4-3...finally, he struggled with the MU after the first 3 and had to take a break in between.

He was doing CF in Afghanistan and apparently that is very common for the special units over there.

Phil did Fran in 5:25.


Blurred Vision

Stuart 10:59 with double unders

The Catch

6 Deadlift 245
8 Power Cleans 135
10 Hang Power Snatch 75
250 Row
4 Rounds for Time

Paul 20:17
Brenda 18:30 (DL 135, PC 60, Sn 45)

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Micah said...

The Catch (modified)on 12-8.
6 Deadlift-275
8 Power Cleans-135
10 Power Snatch-95
12 Pull Ups