Saturday, December 13, 2008

Saturday December 12, 2008

The Big Dripper

Brandy 24:09 (75 grn box/45/45/20)
Emily 24:35 (same)

A Big Drippy 200

Phil 37:59

In the afternoon there were 3 workouts going on with the UPS (lest you think the brown truck drivers also row, UPS is University of Puget Sound) rowers doing the Big Drippy 200 Epic, two new guys from Ft. Lewis doing Up the Down Staircase and Will, Phil and Jed who did the 300. Brenda did a squat and ride workout.

The 300

Will 11:42
Phil 13:53
Jed 14:50

The Big Drippy 200

Stephen 35:40
Jeff 38:03
Alex 47:10
Paul 1:00:45
Stefan 1:19:45

Up the Down Staircase

Carlos 36:09


Paul Siegel said...

To be fair we're from UPS

Micah said...

I did the Big Drippy 200 on 12-14.
Total time: 40:29. That includes the three one minute commute times and I had to change my weights back and forth.