Monday, December 29, 2008

Monday December 29, 2008

10:00 AM

Root Canal

10 BW Deadlift
20 Box Jumps
10 Hang Power Snatch (75)
20 Ball Slams (30)
10 Thrusters (1/2 BW)
20 Calories Rowing
3 Rounds for Time

Phil 26:34
Emily DNF (First day back after a couple week absence, she said it felt like her first day.

In the afternoon Brenda did a Nordic Nancy which was a 500 m row and 15 OHS with 40 lbs for 5 rounds in 20:11. Phil, Stuart, Brandon, Dan and I did Xanthra which is:

DB Snatch (25)
DB Squat Clean and Jerk (more like a thruster)
Alligator Crawl 20 meters

Phil 7:32
Stuart 7:39
Eugene 8:15
Brandon 9:09
Dan 9:22

Iron Lung

20 Air Squats and Jump (5 squats + Jump 4 times)
15 Ring Pushups
10 Pullups
5 Burpee/Tire Jumps

Lance 16:11
Kyle 22:26

Dan in the long sleeved white T-shirt is a Naval Aviator and is will be in the area for another week or so before he goes on leave and does some traveling. He's a jet jock and will soon be learning to do what must be the most difficut thing in the world to do, land a high performance jet on the moving deck of an aircraft carrier out at sea. Kind of the CrossFit of the pilot world...a naval aviator can go do what other pilots do, but other pilots throw down and land on a carrier deck.

After Xanthra we did a bunch of KB work with swings, snatches, heavy push jerks and other lifts including the KB pushup walk shown in the last photo.

Check out Jeff in CrossFit Missoula on December 29th and it appears he is mid snatch with a dumbbell. He managed to pull off Karen in 11:17 which is the ill-advised 150wall ball shots for time. It's with a 20 lb ball of course and though Jeff only had a Pukie visit I would have had to have a medical aid rig stop by for sure. Well done Jeff, good to see you are flying the flag.

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Jeff said...

150 wallball 20lb. 11:17

Quick rendezvous with pukie afterwards.

there's a picture of me and a mention of Crossfit PC on on the post for Monday the 29th.