Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Monday January 19, 2009

I read a story about a gal that was an amazing climber, in fact one of the best in the country. She went to climb in Europe or someplace where there are lots of really good climbers and stayed in a dorm or hostel or whatever with some other world class women. In her words she lamented the fact that back home she prided herself as one of the best climbers in the country and now she wasn't even the best climber in her room. Now while I'm not the best climber in any but the most octagenarian laden gatherings there was a time where in my gym I was the top dog, the head cheese the main man. Now, unless I'm alone, I am no longer at the top of the board...in my own gym.

This CrossFit thing is creating monsters and I can't keep up.

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