Sunday, January 11, 2009

So when am I done?

Now there are many ways to deal with that question as it relates to things CrossFit but I am speaking specifically about Air Squats and what the top is. Stand up. Now let your hips slop back a bit so that the are "out of battery" if you will. Stand in such a way that your butt is a bit behind your heels. Now, try to clench your butt cheeks. You will find that you can't. Try as you might if your butt is back behind your heels at all you can't pinch that quarter. When you properly finish your squat by explosively opening your hips and get your hips properly under your shoulders, you will be able to break a pencil in you butt crack. Not that I suggest such things and certainly not sideways but the point is that you know your squat is done when you can clench your butt cheeks. I have found that this is a really good cue for people to use to mark the top of the squat. That's when you're done.

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