Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Monday September 10, 2007

Kayaked the Tieton today (pronounced Titan) out toward Yakima. Kind of a Wenatchee River run but not quite so big. Not rocky like lots of western Washington rivers but bank to bank water with few eddy out opportunities, warm water and generally few consequences...well, except for the near death experience with the log. Ara brought his wife's cousin Ryan along and he is fairly new to boating. Denny was with us too and we three ran herd over Ryan keeping him safe which is what I was doing when I screamed "LOG" and paddled hard right to give him some space to do the same. He didn't react quite fast enough and thought he could go over the log. Couldn't. Nose up, stern down and he gets slammed backwards into the river flow. Thankfully the water was only knee deep and his boat got stuck, he bailed and managed to stand there braced against the log. He let the boat go and it went down the river with Denny trying to corral it. Ara got out of his boat and ran upstream. I was out of my boat and I see him go by in a raft with a raft group that picked him up. I get back in my boat and eddy out and after a bit see Ara who is worried about Ryan but I told him he was in a raft. Later still we catch up to Ryan and Denny and find out that the rafters pulled Ryan's kayak into the raft, loaded him back into it and then launched him back into the river. How cool is that. Great, great day on the river and we have all put this river on our favorites list. Oh, no warm up. When you launch you get hammered right away with some very turbulent waves that made me think I had forgotten how to kayak. It's only a class 2/3 river but it does keep you busy.

Later back at the gym:

Boy Named Sue (Tim McFarland)

Push Press (95)
Squat Jump
One on the first minutes, two on the second and so on for 20 minutes.

Sounds pretty easy. Decided to make the squat jump a squat jump up onto a tractor tire. That proved to be a mistake. We all got to about 10 or 12 and decided to cut out the squat but by that time we could hardly jump on the tire any more. We managed to get to 17 rounds or so in the 20 minutes but nobody completed it. Next time we will do the squat jumps as prescribed by Tim in the first place.

Eugene, Stuart, Alyse, Lance, Jennifer

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