Saturday, April 26, 2008

Friday April 25, 2008


The early morning SWAT workout was with Chris, Tom, Frank, Rich, Kevin and me and was a KB workout. We did all the basic movements plus some H2H stuff and at the end I lined up pairs of 36, 44, 52, and 61 lb KB's for reps of 3, 6, 9, 12 from heavy to light and then the other way reversing the reps. Then I took away the 36s and put out the 72 and did it one handed for the same reps. Quite the finisher.

The afternoon workout was a Hairball with a Deadlift and Clean and Jerk combo out on the street followed by a tire pull up the hill for about 25 yards each way. We did our 5 reps ran the tire, 5 reps with the other exercise and ran the tire again and repeated that a total of 5 times each. Killer. Lance and I used 230 and 125, Ben used 295 and 145 and Alex used 135 and 95.

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