Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Monday April 28, 2008


250 Row
5 Squat Thrust Pushup - Squat Clean Thruster (2 x 36)
10 Push Press (95)
20 Alternating Anchored Snatch (2 x 36)
10 Tire Rage - Burpee to ball, squat clean, thruster, slam jump through tire
3 Rounds for Time

Lance 19:22 (no STP)
Ben 16:07
Stuart 16:34
Eugene 17:33
Alex 18:27

Grant 16:59

Grant was late today and did this one by himself but still managed a great time. He is recovering from stress fractures in his ankles and had to step down from the tire jumps which slowed him down a bit.

Later in the evening Chris Hoffman showed up to give CrossFit a try and managed to do Baseline in 5:33 - Row 500, 40 Air Squats, 30 Situps, 20 Pushups and 10 Pullups. We did some other movements to demo what CrossFit is about and as is generally the case he was very impressed with the program and eager to take it on.

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