Friday, April 04, 2008

Thursday April 3, 2008

Moving Day

Picture a rectangle with a bottom and top 50 yards in length and the sides the width of a street, 30 feet or so. In the bottom left corner is a big heavy tire and a 75 lb barbell. At the bottom right corner is a tire with a 26 lb KB inside and a 30 foot piece of rope. Top left is an 80 lb sandbag and top right is a squat rack with 185 lbs on the bar.

Start at the 75 lb bar, snatch it over head and walk/trot/run to the tire with the rope. Pull the rope hand over hand without moving your feet until the tire is at your feet, run to the end of the rope and repeat till you are back to the big tire. Flip the tire across the street to the sand bag, carry the sand bag to the rack, rack the 185 lbs onto your shoulders and walk to the big tire. Kick it, then return teh weight to the rack. Go to the sand bag and bring it back to the tire and so on until everything is back to their original spots.

Scott 8:33
Toni 9:33
Eugene 10:43

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