Saturday, August 09, 2008

Friday August 8, 2008

Erin came over early and did yesterday's workout which I'll call Stick Time Plus for lack of anything better. She did 3 ST's instead of 4 as she had to go find a cure for Cancer or save Tibet or something and had to leave early...35:56 was her time and she push pressed a 30 lb bar.

This was a strength day and generally we do untimed, traditional strength exercises. We did something a bit different today that had 125 reps done with 5 exercises of 5 reps each for time...but only to see how long it took, not to race against the clock. The priority was correctly executed movements.

5 Bear Complex (95)
5 Burpees
5 Box Squats (185)
5 DL (225)
5 Box Jumps
5 Rounds for Time

We all did the same 95 lbs for the Bear which was done as follows:

Squat Clean
Push Press
Back Squat
Split Jerk
Front Squat

Very demanding movement that found us all doing at least some singles. The list below shows our box squat weight then our deadlift weight and then our time.

Eugene 185, 225 37:08
Stuart 255, 315 40:53
Grant 245, 275 39:15
Morgan 245, 275 x 3, 255, 245 41:14
Alex 155, 225 51:15

Stuart certainly gets the nod for this one. He lifted far more weight than I did and was not all that far behind me in time. Grant and Morgan tore me up too. It is becoming more and more rare for me to be on top...even with Ben out flying.

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Micah said...

Well, I think my cold is finally gone. Today was my second workout in ten days. I did this one but I also did it for speed. I did it in 29:29. I used 95 for "the Bear," 185 for the box squats and 275 for the Deadlift. I was smoked!