Thursday, August 14, 2008

Wednesday August 13, 2008

ME again since Stuart, Toni and I missed it yesterday. Stuart did Super Squats with 200 on the bar. The SS program really worked wonders for my leg strength but I have discovered it is perishable...not perishable in the sense of say a vase of roses, more like milk with me. The workout the other day with 5 box squats with 185 about killed me and 6 weeks ago or so I did 20 reps with 185. The lightbulb went on and it's clear we have to keep at it to keep the gains. We are going to do SS once a week once we finish the 6 week program. I did it today with only 145 and that was plenty. Toni did it with 120, a 20 lb jump from her last effort. She has a test with Graham fire on Saturday and that is one of the test elements. She wanted to be sure she could do it.

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John said...

BW-200/ Heavy lifting after training, with ME for Squat-325lbs, Mil Press-135lbs, and DL-335lbs. Five minutes later Super Squats-225lbs...these were all done on 8/13