Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Monday August, 25, 2008

Mae West

Two tractor tires side by side for the tire jumps. Starting at one end set up a deadlift, we used 190 in a hex bar where you will do one DL one jump, twice. The to the left go to a pair of 35 lb DB's and do Colleen and Jerk with a burpee in front followed by a tire jump. Then to a 30 lb rage ball with a burpee and a jump. Each of the balls is lined up with the space in the tires. Left again for a 52 lb snatch 3 times left jump, 3 times right jump. Left to 44 lb clean and jerk with 2 KBs x 3 and jump. To the other 30 lb ball and do the same thing as before. Last station is 35 lb thrusters for 3 reps and a jump. We took three laps around the tires and our times were:

Eugene 8:44
Lance 9:00
Toni 9:29
Gia 11:23
Brenda 11:58
Grant 5:44
Derek 8:47

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