Friday, August 08, 2008

Wednesday August 6, 2008

Spinal Tap

200 meter uphill run to gate and back
25 2-hand swings (44)
25 Air Squats
25 Snatches (each hand) (36)
25 Pullups

Morgan 28:14
Eugene 29:24
Grant 30:28
Alex 39:43
Jeff 40:29
Lance 41:44

Last time I did this it worked my back, this time it tore everyone's hands up. The times don't properly reflect how far Morgan and Grant were ahead of me on this thing. I'm a bit better at the snatch than they are and that's the only reason I was anywhere near Morgan and how I got ahead of Grant. He tore off flesh from his palms with the snatch and that made it hard to snatch and to do pullups.

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