Sunday, November 30, 2008

Sunday November 30, 2008

Walking DARC Swings x 20
Swing - Helicopter spin/Swing - flip to switch x 10
Aligator walk with pushup x 10
Swing - Clean Catch, throw to switch x 10
Clean/P - PP - PJ/ Snatch x 10
Snatch Catch PP throw to switch x 10
Anchored Snatch x 20
Swing Dancing
2-hand swing
1 hand swing
1 hand high pull
1 hand snatch
5 each hand alternating each time for time (about 1:30)
5 snatches burpee left, 5 snatches burpee right for 5 rounds each hand (about 2:30)

10 Partner Rage Box
20 GHD overhead ball situp throws
30 Band assist handstand pushups

Lance, Stuart, Dano, Jennifer, Kyle, Jeff and Stefan joined me for some tossing about of kettlebells while Brenda did some OHS's and running to add to her morning 50minute CT ride.

Oh yeah, Kerry worked out this morning and did Annie in 24 and a little bit. He plays in a soccer league and sometimes finishes his CF workout and has a game 3 hours later. Indoor soccer, fast stuff.

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