Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Monday July 16, 2007

In the morning Alyse and Dayna did Wendy

KB Thrusters
Ball Slams

Alyse 26 lb KBs and a 25 lb ball 5:01
Dayna 36 lb KBs and a 30 lb ball 5:01

In the Afternoon we started with:

Valeo Ball Run

Sand Bag/Ball Lifts

Set up a row of big tires and boxes to jump over and on each side of each box were the following weighted movements:

Colleen and Jerk with 40 lb DB's (3 reps)
Colleen and Jerk with a 30 lb ball (3 reps)
KB Press with a pair of 44's (3 reps)
Ball Slam with a 40 lb ball (3 reps)
1 hand KB Clean + 2 Jerks
Ball thrusters with a 40 lb ball (3 reps)
Ring Pushups (3 reps)
KB Snatch with a 44 lb KB (3 reps)

Lift, jump, lift, lift, jump, lift, lift, jump and so on to the end one after the other in a conga line for 3 rounds. Everyone commented that they liked the workout and that it seemed to tax every part of them.

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