Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Tuesday July 10, 2007

Dayna 16:23 for the Saturday workout

Run uphill to grate (200)
GHD/Tire situps
DARC swings (10-8-6 ea hand)
Janda Situps
Leg Shooters/throws

Krystal 7:53
Stuart 7:56
Scott 9:55
Jaimie 10:343
Karah 10:34

Krystalynn is 14 and a swimmer...breaststroke. Not very strong yet but an aerobic engine that won't quit. Unbalanced musculature in that her pull muscles are very well developed but her push muscles are lacking thus she pulled a pec muscle doing pushups which keeps her from using her right arm. Outstanding shoulder and hip flexibility and the most beautiful OHS on the first try you have ever seen. Huge CF potential.

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