Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Sunday July 15, 2007

Jump Rope
GHD Back Extensions/Situps
Bag Work
Air Squat/Box Jump

1 minute each station for one time through

Bar None not on the clock

2 Hand DB Thrusters (25)
2 Hand DB Renegade Row (25)
2 Hand Colleen Burps and Jerks (25) (Worst one of the bunch by far)

Run to Jennifer's house with 36 lb KB

Snatch 10/10
Clean and Jerk 10/10
Swing 10/10

Run back to gym with KB

2 rounds

Jennifer, Alex, Lance, Jaimie, Karah, Eugene and Jaimie's friend Keenan...did a great job hanging wiht me the whole way.

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