Monday, July 23, 2007

Wednesday July 18, 2007


20 ea. shovel left and right
20 churning butter
20 ea. back scratchers left and right
20 around the world (that Indian over the shoulder pull to center)
20 ea. single arm punches left and right
20 hammer hits to big tire


20 2-hand swings
20 clean catch hot potato x 3
10 around the body/uppercut pass
10 swing/snatch/squat clean/thruster each arm
20 2-hand swing with releases


20 overhead passes side to side
20 around the back, between the legs upper cut pass front to back hot potato x 5
20 uppercut pass to uppercut pass alternating hands each time
20 full circle uppercut pass
20 snatch from floor/catch/throw to opposite hand
20 hot potato squats


Alternate Ab roller to skateboard rollout with feet
Saxon side bends
Leg shooters on ball
Dumbbell sit up and press
Russian Twist
Back Extensions


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