Monday, May 19, 2008

Monday May 19, 2008

As innocent as this little grouping of equipment is, and as simple as 10-8-6 sounds, this workout is a sneaky killer. Each of us spent a lot of time looking at whatever piece of equipment we were using wishing for a heart attack or some other reason to stop.


Barbell Clean and Jerk + Front Squat (115)(Thanks for the reminder Ben)
Ball Buster (40) Burpee to ball, squat clean, thruster ball into the air, catch, lower, press, slam
DB burpee, squat clean, thruster (35)
KB Flip and Dip (44) Swing fip, SDLHP catch, squat, thruster into the air
Reps of 10-8-6 for time

Ben 16:58 (Ben has super powers and always skews the curve)
Alex 21:07 (105, 30, 30, 36)
Eugene (22:05)
Lance 22:07
Brandon 22:32 (85, 25, 20, 26)
Derek 29:33 (105, 30, 30, 44)

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Ben said...

Dont forget the front squat after the C&J :)