Sunday, May 18, 2008

Saturday may 17, 2008

Burgener Warm up for snatch and clean and jerk
Rage Box Rotations
Two boxes, 4 sides, 2 balls, 5 people. Throw ball to partner who catches it, jerks it overhead, slams it, does a burpee, squat clean thruster and throws it to whoever is on the other side, then jumps on the box. As soon as the partner catches it he does the same thing and everyone rotates to the right with the 5th person coming in and the last person in line going out. We did 3 laps.

Turkish Bath (36)

One hand swing, squat clean, thruster, snatch
TGU (repeated once through for each hand)
5 box jumps
5 burpees
5 rounds

Grant 5:22
Ben 5:40
Lance 6:09
Eugene 7:10
Sarah 7:24

Got Grip
Alex 9:41

1000 meter row
Alex 4:06
Lance 4:07

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