Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Wednesday May 14, 2008


Row 1000
50 Thrusters (45 lb bar)
30 Pullups

Eugene 7:59
Ben 8:08
Alex 9:31
Derek 9:38 (grn band)
Brandon 10:32 (30 lb bar, black band)
Jennifer 10:44 (30 lb bar, grn band)
Gia 13:10 (30 lb bar, grn band)

KB work
Heavy ladders at the end
Alex did 5 x 135 on the bench - less than a year ago he could barely do 85 once.
Ben has brought a fellow pilot along to train, Giovana, or Gia for short. She is a C-17 pilot like Ben and is only 23 years old. She turned down full ride scholarships to Cal Poly and MIT in order to serve her country and go to the Air Force Academy. She flies a huge jet, is a genius, is very funny and clever and is beautiful to boot...not to mention she did Jackie in 13:10 in her very first workout. During her first try at SPUDS (Swinging Push Ups and Dips where you swing your legs from push up to dips with your hands on waist high rings and your feet on boxes she quipped "Cue the clown music." Our community has all the best people.

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