Monday, September 15, 2008

Monday September 15, 2008

Monday's are Shorts and Samantha was on tap but that requires pullups and I don't have any pullup bars installed yet. I morphed Samantha into a runny swinger and got:

Press (7-5-3)
Push Press (7-5-3)
Push Jerk (7-5-3)
Swing (52) (21-15-9)
Run 400 (more like 500 we think...haven't rolled it out yet)

The barbell movements are done with a 95 and the first round would be 7 presses, 7 push presses and 7 push jerks then 21 swings then run. Round 2 is 5 of each, 21 and a run and finish with 3 of each, 21 and a run.

Ben 9:53
Eugene 10:27
Lance 11:20
Alex 12:32
Grant 10:09

Grant showed up after we were all done so he didn't have anyone to chase or (what is usually more likely) to chase him. We had to run around quite a mass of equipment to do the workout but nobody seemed to mind.

This big pile will be gone tomorrow and will be sitting in one of the offices to be dealt with from there. There are heavy bags (for punching) heavier bags (for lifting and carrying), Thai boxing equipment and other odds and ends that I just need to get out of the way for awhile. The area where the bag is standing up behind the Ironman Blvd. sign is where the rowers, C2 Dynamometer, VASA swim trainer and the stair climber will go.

Between the the DB/KB area and the Olympic/Power lifting areas I am putting down 2 x 2 foot interlocking foam mats. My plan is to cover that with another padded layer and then some sort of smoother surface than carpet, more like a fighting ring surface and not canvas. I want something softer that we can roll around on without leaving skin behind.

The lion's share of the area from the end of the horse stall mats to the wall the big roll door is on will be pullup bars. I will use wooden posts and plumbing pipe for my pullup bars and mount them to whatever all those studs are made of...probably metal. I'm guessing I need some specific kind of screw to fasten things to a metal stud. Home Depot.

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Toni said...

I worked out with Tacoma Crossfit because I was busy in that area until after 5:00pm and they start up at 5:30pm. We did:

3 rounds for time
400m run (it has a hill!!)
15 box jumps 20"
20 Plyo-Push-ups
25 KB Swings (44)

Time 14:31 as rx'd

Morgan is still a gazelle...but I finished the same time as Brett who is a Central Pierce Firefighter. That felt kinda cool...