Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Saturday September 27, 2008

Suffer on Saturday today with 4 people showing up. If I want to keep my doors open I'm going to have to a better job of getting the word out. I had them do some air squats and an abbreviated Tabata Squat protocol and then the Burgener warm up. We did an abbreviated stick time that caused some serious gasping and then some ball cleans. We worked on some basic movements and then some ball cleans, slams, tire jumps, ring pushups and a 5 yard run and one of the kids who was 18 said that in 10 minutes he did more work with me than in an hour and a half of football practice. Clearly, football practice is not hard enough.

While I did that my regular folks did:

Do Me With a Wire Brush

Row 1,000 or Run 800
21 DB Thrusters (36)
21 Ball Slams (30)
21 Tire/Box Jumps
Row 500 or Run 400
15 Wall Ball
15 KB Snatch (44)
15 Ring Pushups
Row 250 or Run 200
9 2-hand KB Push Press (44)
9 Barbell Power Cleans (135)
9 2-hand KB Clean and Jerk (44)
Once through for time

Ben 14:27
Grant 14:41
Lance 20:39
Jeff 21:56

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Micah said...

I did Do Me with a Wire Brush on 10-1-08

I did the rowing exercises instead of the running. It took me 19:28 to complete. However, if you take out the approx. five minute commute time to and from the rowing machine my time would be closer to 14:28.