Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Wednesday September 10, 2008

Cloak of Despair

Row 1000/Run 800 (Alternate each round)
25 Push Press (75)
25 Pullups
25 Ring Pushups
4 Rounds for Time

Lance 34:48
Dayna 42:37
Stuart 42:44


Grant 9:17

Grant did a PT test this morning and did 83 pushups in 2 minutes I think it was 76 or maybe 79 situps in 2 minutes and then ran 2 miles in 12:37 or something near that. That guy is on fire.

This was our last workout in the old gym. Lance and I will be there in the morning with our trailers and will start loading out the equipment for however many trips it takes to make the move. I have to take apart that beautiful platform of mine as there is no way we can move that thing intact. I will also have to get some pullup bars up right away. I'll be taking pictures along the way.

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