Friday, September 12, 2008

September 11, 2008

A rather auspicioius day to begin the move to be sure but Lance and Dayna helped me with 5 total trailer loads of stuff today. Proved to be quite a workout in itself. Loading and unloading stall mats for time would be a great WOD. If you question how much stuff you have or think it's not enough stuff...move it someplace.

A bit of a mess to be sure but at least I have it in the right building now. I used a leaf blower to clean the place out but the 21 foot tall ceilings and vast space proved to be quite an effective environment for dust storage. As soon as I blew out a big pile of dirt and dust the rest would settle and I'd have to start again. It will take a few times through and some damp mopping to get the place clean.

My squat rack and platform will go on the right side wall in the picture with enough room for a second one that I will build. Hmmmm, maybe this one will be just a platform with no squat cage. Time will tell. Today I have to take the one in the old gym apart, get it into the trailer and move it to the new gym and put it back together. That will be quite a project.

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