Sunday, September 21, 2008

Saturday September 20, 2008

With the plumbing pipe I took out of my old gym and some incredibly cheap $9.99 4 x 6beams from Home Depot Lance and I got the pullup bar project started with the 2 x 6 board anchored into the studs on the wall.

We also bolted a support post to the concrete wall and then another into the floor which supported the bars that I bolted into the 2 x 6 on the wall which made for a great platform for Sammie to play on in a kayak.

I've managed to get this far and will soon mount a kayak rack above the pullup bars on the wall and then more bars around the perimeter of the support beams. Very solid. When you put up your bars be sure to string the bars up before you anchor the ends of the beams. That way you can easily fit the bars between the beams and square the beam as you go.

Brenda is back and she joined Ben, Becca, Paul, Grant and me for a strength workout. We did reps of 10, 8, 6, 4, 2 on the box squat with chains and bench press and we fell into pairs of the girls, Grant and Ben and Paul and me as the strength of those pairs was about equal.

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